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Silent Orchids: The Prologue

Helloooo! I'm sharing with you today the first excerpt to be shared from my debut YA fantasy novel, Silent Orchids~Book One in The Age of Alandria series due out May 7th!! I hope you enjoy it :)

A different realm. An earlier time.

Darkness had fallen, but the stars refused to shine. Dulled light shone softly from two reluctant moons hanging, bloated with grief, reflecting the heart of Alandria. The king and queen of the Faeries had been slain, along with the princess, the remaining heir of Feraánmar. Her love and partner in rebuilding the treaties between the races, the prince of the Elves and heir to the throne of Alandria, was lost—presumed dead. As was the hope for a united Alandria.

In the depths of the Forest of Lumei, the Elders carried out their last act before they disbanded. Some would diminish with time, cloaked in glamour to live out their days. Some would go into hiding to preserve what remained of the ancient magic for another life. 

Floating balls of fire along the periphery lit the clearing. There were no additional witnesses but for the forest and the creatures that lay within; their cries and calls were the only sounds to be heard in the vast silence. At the cry of the raven, seven figures hooded in ancient tradition walked ceremonially from the forest, each stopping at one of the seven points indicated on the star burned into the ground. Robes colored in blue, purple, brown, dark green, crimson, light green, and white each represented a different tribe. They carried in one hand a single candle with a purple flame flickering in the stillness of the night. In the other, a small silver dagger carried by the hilt, point toward the sky. The light from the flames reflected off each of the blades, dancing onto the trees and creating the illusion of a greater light. The hooded figure in green at the top point of the star said something in a very low, monotone voice. A single word in an ancient language. 


Everything went silent: all the creatures of the earth and sky. Simultaneously, the flames extinguished. Darkness.

Two heartbeats of silence. As suddenly as all fell into darkness a sound arose so primal, so ancient, it seemed to come from the depths of the earth. Flames ignited with a burst of life, permitting the creatures to release their cries, their sorrows for the tragedy that had befallen them all. In the center of the pentagram, where there had been only a large, flat-topped boulder, stood another hooded figure, this one cloaked in black. His head was bowed, his stature humbled, wrists bound in front of him by shackles alight with a fire that did not burn.  

Responding to a silent cue, each of the hooded beings walked toward the center, toward the figure on the rock. Surrounding the boulder, they extended their hands, palm to palm, symbolically closing the circle, their reverent chanting creating a low hum. Then once again, simultaneously, there was silence, this time weighted with anticipation and something tangible in the air... magic, old magic. The hood in the center dropped to his knees. The candles were raised to the sky, then brought down and placed along the edges of the rock’s platform where the flames illuminated the earth. Stains of past sacrifices opened the ears of the earth and beseeched the rocks to bear witness. The green hood that opened the ceremony once again uttered a single word in that same monotone voice. 


The hoods reached with their left hands, grabbed their daggers by the blades, and swiftly pulled the hilt down, uttering not a single expression or sound. Palms squeezed tightly and blood trailed down wrists to fall on the ground and rock.

Another word uttered: “Rroonda.”

The white hood released the bindings of the black-hooded being in the center with a simple touch of his hand. The black hood held out his left hand, palm up, waiting for the sting of sliced flesh. He closed his eyes and smelled the coppery scent of his own blood before registering the pain. He refused to flinch or utter a sound. He wouldn’t dare. He deserved this, and more. This was the commencing of his punishment.   

More ancient words were uttered: “Brachtah. Gallten. Kollaque.”

Then the white hood spoke so all present could understand. “Earth, receive this blood, hear our petition. Rock, take this offering and bear witness to this sacrifice.”

The blue-hooded figure to the right looked up at the black hood on the rock and said, “The blood spilled here tonight is not only an offering, but represents what will happen to the one who breaks the vow. The boulder is the strength of the bond created and serves as silent witness. The earth absorbs the secrets of the vows; it is ever present and will execute punishment as it deems necessary, even if all others are unaware.”

The purple-hooded figure spoke out with a voice that carried power. “Your crime of murder upon the Ferrishyn innocents and royals in hiding is worthy of instant death.” He took a moment to let the gravity settle. “Due to the desperate circumstances of all of our people, mercy has been extended to you. You have been spared and commissioned with the guardianship and protection of a blessed child. Let it be known...” He paused, looked the central hood straight on. He gripped his blade once more, releasing a greater flow of blood to the earth. “You are hereby banished!” 

The hood in the center, head already hung with shame, dropped his shoulders, his final stand of pride stripped, wishing for death instead. The purple hood continued, “Do you agree to the conditions of your pardon?”

For the first time, the hood in the circle’s center looked up and spoke. “I do.” As ceremonially required to seal a vow, he squeezed his hand as the others had onto the ground and again onto the rock, adding his stain among those who had stood before him, whether for ritual or retribution, but almost never for a pardon from such a sin. The burden for carrying the knowledge of what he had done would be more than he deserved. He deserved to be sent to Exhile.

“Bring the child,” the dark green hood spoke.

The child, barely old enough to walk, was carried from the forest into the clearing by a young woman. Blue iridescent tears streamed down the woman’s face. She possessively gripped the child, infusing every ounce of love she had to give, hoping that some day the child, though not her own, would understand, and that forgiveness could be found. Reluctantly, she handed the sleeping child to the black hood in the center and looked deep into his eyes. When she was satisfied with what she saw, she gave him a frank nod and ran back into the cover of the forest. 

Awkwardly, the figure in black cradled the child. Looking upon her innocence and frailty, recognizing her as his personal savior, he tenderly stroked a lock of her dark hair aside. Resolved with his mission, he then looked to the green hood, who now stood in front of him and waited.

“You have been given a great gift, but one that will weigh on you for as long as you live,” the green-hooded figure spoke. “Take care of her. She has been marked... the last of The Orchids,” he whispered, his voice choked. Lowering his head, he then uttered in that same ancient language, “Lan du hasen ie.” 

There was instant darkness. When the flames burst back to life, the black-hooded figure and the small child were gone.

©2013 Morgan Wylie

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Cover Re-Release! Autumn Storm by Lizzy Ford

Congratulations to Lizzy Ford!! And the new cover is GORGEOUS!! 

This week, Lizzy Ford is revealing the new cover for "Autumn Storm" (#2, Witchling Series). The series was picked up by Evatopia - a small press and books-to-TV manager specializing in teen and women's fiction - in February. The first book in the series, "Dark Summer," re-released March 1 and is available from AmazonAmazon UK and Barnes and Noble. "Autumn Storm" has received a facelift and revision that includes integrating the novelette, "Autumn Dawn." "Autumn Storm" will be launched on April 5. Lizzy anticipates releasing the highly anticipated third book in the series, "Winter Fire," in mid-May.

Autumn Storm_cover

Autumn Storm

A girl with no memory, hidden in plain sight. A boy with no hope, freefalling into Darkness. Autumn doesn’t know why she remembers a boarding school she’s never visited, or why her reflection isn’t always … hers. There’s another girl in the mirror, a dark-haired ghost that emerges one night to guide her to a cliff near the school. Only Autumn can’t remember what happened there and why it’s so important. Beck’s gentle touch soothes her distress while Decker’s every look sets her body on fire. Caught between the twins, she struggles to understand her instincts and magick while working through the pain caused by a mysterious car accident that left her disabled, barely able to walk.

team decker_2013_largeUnable to recover from Summer’s death, Decker slowly surrenders to the Dark. He can’t live with the pain, and those around him keep Autumn’s secret too well. The guilt he feels when he falls for her – and betrays Summer’s memory – drives him farther from the Light, until he loses control and begins taking the souls of Light witchlings. As the protector of Light, Beck must choose between confronting his twin and watching more witchlings suffer. Decker realizes Beck has come between more than him and the witchlings. With neither of them willing to let Autumn go, they turn on each other. Only one of them knows the truth. Only one of them will walk away, unless Autumn can find a way to save them both.

About Lizzy

Lizzy Ford is the author of over seventeen novels written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring. Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.   

Connect with Lizzy! Website, Lizzy Ford Books on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, Amazon author page

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New Release! Xander's Chance by Lizzy Ford

On March 22, Lizzy Ford announced the release of "Xander's Chance" (#1, Damian Eternal), a vampire paranormal romance and the first in a spinoff series from the wildly popular War of Gods series. "Xander's Chance" is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords and will soon be available from Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes. You can find Xander on Goodreads, too!

Xander's Chance

Xander's Chance ebooklg
The most powerful vampire on the planet meets his match in Jessi, a woman immune to his magick - and his charm. As the single-most powerful vampire on the planet, Xander is the ultimate bored predator with too much time on his hands. He manipulates the minds of immortals for fun and bullies around the Gods, while guarding the secret source of his power, a crystal that can wipe out the planet. But beneath the surface, he’s a shrewd creature who learned the brutal lesson of why there must be a balance between good and evil. An unwilling protector of the playthings known as humans, he knows when and where to use his power – and never to let anyone close enough to betray him. It’s easy to do, since he has the power to read the minds of everyone around him. Except for one: Jessi, an innocent looking woman with an unusual talent who shows up unexpectedly in his life. Her sudden appearance is too convenient to be coincidence or chance. Xander determines quickly that she was sent by someone, but he can’t read her mind to discover why. Jessi’s secret – and Xander’s – have the power to forever change the human world. Intrigued by a new sort of challenge, Xander won’t know how much danger he’s in, until he’s placed his fate in the hands of a woman whose betrayal will cost either his heart or his life.

About Lizzy

Xander'sChance-buttonLizzy Ford is the author of over seventeen novels written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring. Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.

 Connect with Lizzy! Website, Lizzy Ford Books on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, Amazon author page

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Silent Orchids' Trailer!!

Today I get to share with you a trailer for my novel Silent Orchids!!

The music is from the Silent Orchids Soundtrack which will be available the same day as the book~May 7th!!

The artists Steven James Wylie and Blair Masters wrote and recorded the entire soundtrack for my book here in Nashville. I hope you enjoy it :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cover Reveal! Released by Mia Fox

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Mia Fox. Her debut novel Released, book one in The Romany Realms is due out April 2013!! This beautiful cover was done by Eden Crane Design and am excited to add this book to my TBR list :) Check it out!!

The discovery of an ancient bottle unleashes a Genie - and the wrath of the Demon Gypsies chasing her...

When Suzette (“Suki”) is released from her bottle by two teen girls, she is more than a bit surprised that a Genie of her calibre is beholden to two average high school students. After dealing with dignitaries and noblemen, however, she believes this will be a welcome break.

Until she discovers the teens’ hidden powers and that one will come to possess the Amulet of Pollox, a necklace that contains the secrets from some of the greatest minds throughout history. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one who notices. The Amulet draws the attention of the two powerful and vengeful Demon Gypsies who have pursued Suki through time and will stop at nothing to snatch the girls and the Amulet.

Suddenly, Suki is not just helping the girls navigate high school crushes, she’s safeguarding them from danger unlike anything they’ve ever known. To make matters more complicated, she must also fight her attraction to James - her protector through the ages - whose sudden arrival threatens her resolve and her heart.  

A time-traveling Genie and her unrequited love...
Demon Gypsies with an insatiable quest for power...
And the teen girls whose existence threatens them all.

This is the world of “Released,” book one of The Romany Realms series by Mia Fox, a Young Adult trilogy featuring elements of paranormal romance and steampunk.

Look for it in April 2013.

Find Mia and stay current with news of her new release:
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Cover Reveal! Ageless Sea by M.R. Polish

As you know I am pretty excited about this book. Writing it made me very happy and there are lots of smiles and laughs that reflect that. At least I smile or laugh. Anyway.... I am very excited to share with you the very beautiful cover that the very talented Jenny Laatsch made for me. ~ M.R. Polish

Ageless Sea

Gorgeous isn't it!!!!! BUT WAIT, there's more. That's right, but you ask, how can there be more? This is epic as it is. Yes. It is epic, but to make it even better I am releasing the book trailer!
Don't faint! I know so much excited is hard to handle, but clearly I wanted this to be a memory never forgotten lol...


In  a  world  of  magic,  myths  are  real,  and  legends  come  to  life.

Banished  for  a  crime  she  didn’t  commit,  Karis  must  learn  to  live  her  life  alone.   After  many  years,  one  man  is  strong  enough  to  survive  the  cursed  barrier  that  keeps  her  from  leaving  the  island.  She  needs  him  so  she  can  return  to  her  world,  to  change  the  wrongs  against  her,  and  save  her  people  from  the  evil  threatening  to  rule  them.  With  him  by   her  side,  she  feels  the  loneliness  slip  away,  only  to  have  love  take  its  place.
The  weather  was  clear  and  the  day  was  young.  Brady  never  thought  twice  when  he  took  off  in  his  plane.  Surviving  the  crash  onto  the  secluded  island  was  only  the  beginning.  He  didn’t  have  his  memories,  only  pieces  of  his  childhood  that  remained  with  him.  Nothing  that  gave  him  a  reason  to  believe  he  was  different.  He  soon  learns  that  everything  he  thought  were  just  myths,  was  in  reality  only  worlds  away.  Karis  shows  him  a  new  life—one  where  he  fights  beside  her  and  calls  her  his.
Life.  Love.  Death.
Every  day  their  love  grows  deeper,  but  can  they  survive  the  evil  hunting  them?

Ageless Sea

(Blurb is subject to change for the paperback version, will let you know if it does)

Now want me to make this even better??? Alright!

Releasing Early April 2013!

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Cover Reveal! Dreamscape by Christie Rich

I love this cover for Dreamscape, Netherworld book one! I'll be adding this one to my TBR list too! 

Releasing Summer 2013...

Here's the blurb for Dreamscape:

Every night before Amelia falls asleep she makes a wish to dream of him – the man who calls her to their beautiful private oasis, her sanctuary where she is free of her greedy landlord’s threats. But tonight, he will not call Amelia to him. Tonight, another man will step into her world to claim her. Tonight, Amelia’s shattering reality will crumble - and disappear into the Dreamscape…along with her freedom.

When Amelia dreams tonight, her nightmare becomes her new world where Seth is her captor and anything is possible…except escape. Seth needs Amelia to break the curse that binds him to the Dreamscape. He must convince her that she was made to free him, that she was made to join him. 

For if he fails, he will never escape his prison, and he will lose Earth to the Netherworld where the evil Erobos wait to consume the human realm and everything in it. If he fails, Seth will lose the one thing that matters to him: Amelia.

Christie Rich


I grew up daydreaming about fairytales, and my love for discovering new worlds has never died. I am not one of those writers who always knew I would write. I thought that was what other people did until one day a few years ago, I took a challenge from a friend and typed my first words. My journey has been wonderful, and I cannot imagine a day where I would ever give up writing. My love for reading is what fueled my imagination in the first place and still does. When I am not writing or reading, I am enjoying family time with my husband and two children. I also dabble in painting but writing has taken over my creative time right now.  I hope to get back to it at some point in my life, but I'm not sure when I'll have time for it.  My family and I live in a quiet community in Northern Utah, and I am so thankful for the rich life I have been blessed with.

Where you can find Christie:

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Cover Reveal! Colour Wielders by Dawna Raver

Today, I want to share with you the cover of book one in a new NA (new adult) fantasy series called Heirs of The Magykal Realm Series by Dawna Raver. I love fantasy so I will be adding this to my TBR list.
This is Colour Wielders

Behind the Mysts, hidden from Mortal eyes, is a land where Gods and creatures of myth and legend dwell. And in the Mortal Realm, their Princess lives.

Quinn Sinclair is clueless to who she is. She thinks she's an ordinary young woman—well, mostly ordinary—living an ordinary life with her less than loving mother in Conifer, Colorado. On the night of her birthday, Quinn finds herself betrayed by a man who sends her life spinning out-of-control.

As she struggles to pick up the pieces, a vision of a man with haunting tourmaline-blue eyes begs her for help, and she finds herself transported into a Magykal battle forever changing her life.

Arik Morgaine—Demigod bad boy and outcast of the Magykal Realm—tried to avoid contact with Princess Quinn Sinclair for eighteen years, not wanting to make good on an old threat. But the fates have other plans. Arik can no longer deny his growing desire for Quinn, or the need to protect her from those wanting to control her burgeoning powers. Can the two of them come together and save the Magykal Realm from being destroyed by the Darkest of Magyks, or will powers beyond their control destroy them and their world forever?

 Colour Wielders will be available in digital and print formats from Curiosity
Quills Press April 19, 2013. Go to for more updates.

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My Cover Reveal!! Silent Orchids

I'm soooo EXCITED to be able to share the cover of my novel Silent Orchids, book one in The Age of Alandria series!!!!! The cover design was the collaborative genius of Phatpuppy Art and The Bookish Brunette.

A dying realm.

The ancient evil of the Droch-Shúil has been unleashed.

The Orchids have been silenced… but for how long?

Daegan, elite of the Ferrishyn warrior tribe of Faeries, is charged with a mission to find the Sol-lumieth, a mysterious new power that could change the fate of all in the realm of Alandria. But he is conflicted by his purpose, and he cannot trust the motives of those he serves. He has too many questions and they must be answered.

Kaeleigh, a girl abandoned as a small child just outside Missoula, Montana, is now 18. She is trying to discover who she is and where she belongs. In her heart, she feels she has family out there… somewhere. Desperate to unravel the mysteries of her past, she embarks on a journey that will forever change her along with her two best friends, Finn and Chel—who have secrets of their own.

Morgan Wylie has been writing on and off throughout her growing up years, but started seriously working on her first novel in the Spring of 2009. 7 months pregnant with her first child, she didn't start off with a lot of focused writing time. But Morgan had an epiphany, if you will, and the story flashed before her so she began to write. And she’s still writing. Her debut Young Adult fantasy, SILENT ORCHIDS, will be out this summer.

Twitter: MWylieBooks
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Just Sayin'...

This time tomorrow... 

Silent Orchids
(Book one in The Age of Alandria series)

Just Sayin' :) :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guest Post: Wolf Spell Bloopers from M.R. Polish

Today, I have the privilege of sharing a guest post with you from M.R. Polish. Enjoy some deleted scenes and bloopers from her novel Wolf Spell. I know I did :)

            Wolf Spell Bloopers! With the tour for Wolf Spell getting ready to kick off, I thought we (Ian, Es, Jarak and myself) could let you in on some of the fun and not so fun moments writing Wolf Spell. We had a lot of outtakes, bloopers and deleted scenes. Some of them we swore to never speak of again, but for the purpose of entertainment we have agreed to divulge a couple!

          Deleted Scene
The day was gloomy with white snow clouds hovering over the little town of Elko. I looked out my window to watch as a flock of blackbirds swooped low past my house. I hit another block. Well, I wouldn’t call it a block, more of a disagreement with my character. Seriously, why does Es have to be so complicated and stubborn? I already told her I didn’t want to go there and she ups and does it anyway. Now she thinks she can awaken the witches before book two? Why does she do this to me?
          I stare at my computer screen, watching as the curser blinks like its mocking me. The following is a deleted scene that I promised Es would never make it in the book…

          Ian grabbed the stake and forcefully pushed it in my hand. I wasn’t ready for this. What if something happens and I make the curse worse instead of better?
          “You’ll need it incase a breed gets through the spell.” His eyes were hard set on me, making me want to shrink back.
          Where was Jarak? Shouldn’t he be here with me instead of Ian? My heart pounded hard and I could hear my pulse in my ears. I didn’t really want Ian to leave, I didn’t want Jarak to be the one with me. What was my problem? I shook my head and took a step back, needing some breathing room so I could think clearer.
          I shoved the stake back into his hand. “I don’t need it.”
          “What the hell Es!” His total change in attitude bewildered me. I didn’t know what was wrong.
          He held up his hand… The same one I put the stake in. Only I hadn’t realized how much strength I used and the it was sticking out, completely embedded in his palm. I gasped and went to reach out for him. “Oh my gosh, I am soooo sorry. Let me help.”
          He pulled it out with a groan deep in his throat.  “No, you’ve done enough.”
          I wanted to cry, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Um, M.R. can we start this scene over? Or better yet, can we just delete it altogether? I don’t want to relive this. I’m so humiliated. I can’t believe I did that.

          Blooper from page 127 – chapter 10

          Wimpy witch my ass, all the week’s frustrations I had pent up churned inside me. I’d show him. The sprout grew about an inch and blossoms formed into tiny leaves, letting me know I’d made a connection with it.
          He used his hands to beckon me. “Come on, I have all night for you to make me moan.”
          I busted out laughing. “Moan? I thought your line was; I have all night for you to make me whine. “ I sauntered closer to him, overly swinging my hips to play with him. “But, I can make you whimper and moan if you’d like.”
          “Ah crap. I can’t believe I said that.” He rubbed his hands over his face.
          “Maybe deep down you really want something else,” I continued to tease him. It was too easy. Not that I wouldn’t mind doing that with him instead of training, but it was fun to see him frustrated.
          He threw his head back. “M.R. Can we start that over?”
          I laughed. “I agree, I think Jarak here needs to regroup so he doesn’t moan.”

          Words that made life interesting while writing Wolf Spell….

          Lightening…. Should be lightning… Um ya, sorry about that!

          Dessert… you guessed it, it should be desert… stupid homophones!

          Effect and affect… seriously? Who decided on this crap when making the English language? Where they affected by the stupid mushroom they were smoking? GRRRRR…..

          Blonde VS. Blond … really? Who cares! He/she has freaking yellow hair! LOL

          Had been…. Okay, I can’t go there without crying right now.

          Really, like, very and have… those words follow me everywhere…. I really don’t understand. I have to use them or nothing comes out the way I like. I had a very hard time with it. Okay, not really, but I wanted to use those words very bad! LOL

          Thank you for letting me vent a little about the writing of Wolf Spell…  I hope you had fun laughing at a couple of my experiences and like the book. (trust me there were plenty more!) So far book two is even more interesting and the scenes have been deleted many times!
You are awesome,
M.r. Polish

Wolf Spell
M.R. Polish
ONLY   .99 !!!

With a death starts a new beginning...

Eighteen-year-old Esmerelda thinks she’s just a normal girl, but all of that changes the day of her mom’s funeral, when a warlock, intent on using her special powers, kidnaps her. Powers she didn’t know existed. Thrown in the middle of a magical battle, Es struggles to learn her magic while fleeing both vampires and warlocks, at the same time, hunting for the witches that can help defeat her adversary. The only problem is that they are dead.

Thankfully, she has the help of Jarak—her Guardian—who quickly captures her heart, but she wonders if she can win his? Just when she thinks Jarak is the one for her, Ian appears with daggers drawn to save Es from a vampire attack. Ian is cocky and rude, but there is something magnetic about him—something that attracts her to him. With her heart torn between two men, she faces the foes that are out for her blood. 

Can Es do the unthinkable and awaken them from their graves before time runs out?

Where can you find Wolf Spell? 

Smashwords - for all ereaders!

Thank you M.R. Polish for sharing with us!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Silent Orchids News and Cover Reveal...

Time for an update...

I have just sent in the last edits back to the editor for final pass then on to formatting! (ok so I am still learning about formatting and will be playing around with that for a bit, but still it's one step closer!!)

Speaking of steps closer, I have a cover reveal date!

EEEEKKK! I'm so excited to show off the cover :0 

MARCH 13TH!!!!!!!!

If you have a blog and are interested in participating in the cover reveal (I would LOVE it btw), please send an email to my publicist who is compiling a master list to ensure everyone gets the right info. Just let her know I sent you :) KPSimmon with InkSlinger PR.

To read the BCB (back cover blurb ;) click HERE

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Release! The Never by Kristina Circelli

I love Peter Pan and Neverland. My daughter is just now old enough to love and appreciate it herself so it's been fun to rediscover that with her. This book by Kristina Circelli sounds fascinating and I will be adding it to my TBR list. A friend recently told me her list was the NEL (Never Ending List) which I will now be adopting as mine just keeps growing-- as all lists of books should :)

The Never
by Kristina Circelli


“Out of nothing, we create something.”
Arianna has spent her entire life being called a dreamer, an artist who created a world no one else can see. And for her entire life, she has taken the medication that keeps that world – and the one who brought her there – at bay.
Now an adult, Arianna reawakens that part of herself kept locked away in the darkest corners of her mind. When she hides her medicine from her fiancé’s ever-watchful eye, he returns – the shadow in the night who collects her for an adventure known only in her fantasies.
But something is different about this world called The Never. It is no longer the cheerful place filled with light and laughter that she knew as a child. Now, the sea creatures drag their visitors into the depths of murky waters. The natives battle to the death against the tribe of children. And the pirates, led by the feared captain called The Hunter, seek out Arianna for their own sinister plans.
As Arianna goes deeper into The Never, she discovers just what her connection to the land means – and must choose between her life rooted in reality, and the world where anything is possible.

A Child Dreams

The child sat with her arms crossed, green eyes staring vacantly at the woman before her, mind and imagination in a world not of this realm. The woman, frustrated and bored, watched the girl carefully, tired of this game.
A clock ticked in the background, a steady tick, tick, tick of time that did not exist for the child, but drove the adult to her last frayed nerve. Not even the tranquility of her office, purposely decorated to best set every heart at ease with soft colors and peaceful seascapes, could ease the tension in her shoulders.
“Arianna, we have been through this,” the woman said, speaking the first words of the day. Her voice sounded too high-pitched and nervous, betraying the stern expression her face had settled into. “You cannot keep lying to people. People don’t like lies.”
Those green eyes shifted ever so slightly, latching on to her in an eerie, unsettling way. The woman’s breath caught in her throat, making her next question sound almost frightened. “Can you tell me why you make up these stories?”
The girl hardly moved when she answered. “I don’t tell stories. I tell memories.”
The answer only annoyed the woman more. “Memories of what?”
“Of the land I dream of.”
“And where is this land?” At that, the girl unfolded her arms and slowly raised a hand, curling her fingers until just one was pointing toward the ceiling. “Up? Where is up? Heaven?” The girl only lowered her arm and narrowed her eyes in a way that told the woman exactly what she thought of her. “And who showed you this place?”
“A friend.”
“Does this friend have a name?” The child didn’t answer. “Is he nice to you? Or does he tell you to do bad things?” Another blank stare. “Are you afraid of him?”
“I’m not afraid of my friends.”
“If he is a friend, why does no one else know him?”
“No one else can see him.”
The woman smiled softly, gently touching the girl’s arm. “Because he does not exist.”
“Because they have forgotten how to see,” the child retorted, bitterness in her voice. “He only comes to those who still believe in magic.”
“I see. And who told you to say that?”
“I think for myself.”
The woman sighed, rising to her feet and gesturing to the girl to do the same. “Magic is for children who cannot think for themselves, Arianna. It is time to grow up, and forget these stories. Then you won’t have to see me anymore.” The green eyes locked on her once again, sending a chill down the woman’s back.
“I see you always. But you never see me.”
The girl allowed her mother to tuck her in that night, obeying the soft commands to brush her teeth, put on her pajamas, and slip beneath the sheet. Bedtime was the best time for her, the time when dreams came, when she was visited by memories.
Her mother, a beautiful lady in every sense of the word, pulled up the comforter, smiling down at her daughter. “Tomorrow is a new day, sweetheart,” she said, kissing her on the cheek. She held out her hand. “Here, take this.”
The child looked down at the small blue pill, taking it in her slender fingers. “What is it?”
“To help you sleep,” her mother replied, handing her a glass of water. Not a trace of anger or deception filled her words, as she was a good mother, one who knew what was best for her only child and refused to show distress. “So you won’t have to visit your doctor anymore.” As expected, the oath had her daughter eagerly swallowing the pill, never knowing what truths would come of the broken promises.
“Will I sleep better now?” the girl asked, settling down against her pillows.
“You will sleep like an angel, my beautiful little Arianna, with silk wings and a long, flowing white dress.”
“Will I dream?”
“Of all the most wonderful things in this world.” Her mother leaned over and kissed her daughter on the forehead. “Sweet dreams, my love.”
But on that night, the little girl didn’t dream at all.

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