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New Release! The Treasonous by @RachaelRitchey #historical #fantasy #YA

I have a new release from an author friend that I want to share with you!! This is the 3rd installment in the Chronicles of the Twelve Realms! If you love historical fantasy, don't miss out on this fantastic YA adventure by author Rachael Ritchey!

Sir Ahmad leaves High Castle to escape his feelings for Lady Idra, but he is called home by duty to the high prince. During his absence, Idra refuses to let fear or timidity rule her life any more. Her willingness to help others attracts danger at every turn, including when a new knight to the castle asks for her help with a fellow guardsman. When they begin to uncover the roots of treason that threaten to undo the kingdom, they’ve unwittingly incited the wrath of an ancient rebellion, putting not only themselves in peril but also their friend and all those he cares most for in the world. 

Book 1: The Beauty Thief is only 0.99!
Book 2: Captive Hope



Excerpt for Blog Touring
The Treasonous By Rachael Ritchey
“Lady Idra, I came this way to ask for the next dance,” Ahmad said, his voice gruff, effectively ignoring Sir Xavier in the process.
Idra noticed his disregard. She’d assumed his animosity had been aimed at her in some way, but in truth, she now saw that his resentment pointed at Sir Xavier. In a sudden rush of sisterly affection she wiped the besotted look from her face and frowned at him.
“Sir Ahmad, while I would love to dance I am not sure if the Concordian is an appropriate one for me to take with you as I feel our minds are not in agreement at this time. I will offer you the Dispassia Grand,” she said with finality and curtsied low before grasping Sir Xavier's arm and pressing him to walk on around Ahmad.
Idra’s internal critic screamed a barrage of cruel thoughts. She’d lost her mind, instantly and without notice. Her refusal, subtle or not, to dance with Ahmad acted like a battering ram to her gut as she railed upon herself for stupidly turning him down. All she’d wanted for months was to be near him, to feel even the briefest touch of his skin, to smell him, to hear the breath of his words pass his smiling lips. When she’d been a prisoner on that pirate ship, bound for a life of slavery, she’d hardened her heart to the love of him. The threat of it happening again, of losing him, stabbed deeper than before. At that precise moment, she wanted nothing better than to cry, but she bit her lip and pressed her eyes closed for a second to contain her emotions to avoid adding one more bit of gossip to the halls of High Castle.
“Lady Idra, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize . . . I didn’t think I would make trouble for you by searching you out for the dance. I have obviously stirred up a rather awkward situation.”
Sir Xavier’s hand pressed atop Idra’s in a comforting gesture, and his words were low, meant only for her as they moved away from the dance floor toward the front of the ballroom. A sigh escaped her, and Idra shook her head. Gratefulness for his forthright disruption of her internal chastisement soothed her.
“Tis not your fault. I’m sure you are aware I’ve been learning defensive tactics and weapons from my cousin Gavin.” She watched him nod. “Sir Ahmad didn’t know about it and came upon us while we trained this afternoon. He—no, I became angry and said some things before storming off. Not exemplary behavior on my part.”
“And now I’ve made things more awkward,” Sir Xavier said, his face askew with consternation.
They stopped near the steps to the thrones and Idra looked up at him. “How do you come to that conclusion?”
Sir Xavier took a turn to cock his head in confused surprise. “You mean you don’t know?”
“Know what?”
“Sir Ahmad is jealous, my lady.”
“Jealous?” She laughed but doubt sneaked past the armor protecting her heart. “Don’t be ridiculous. Sir Ahmad knows how I feel about him. I made it quite clear. He . . . he’s no reason to be jealous.”

“Be that as it may, he is jealous. He also hates me, which means he is doubly jealous.”

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