Sunday, May 5, 2013

Silent Orchids~Newlywed Style (Part 2)

Happy Sunday!!

COUNTDOWN: 2 DAYS LEFT!!! *woot woot*

So yesterday, I posted Part ONE of the Newlywed style game we played for Silent Orchids. Part 2 continues the fun we had so you may want to catch up first (it's only couple minutes) so you're not missing any info. I'll say it's fun about the characters in my book AND there may or may not be discussion about the eyes one of my male leads... just sayin' ;)

I'm posting Part 1 here as well for your convenience, but if you've seen it go ahead and skip down to Part 2 :)  For those that have missed previous installments, this is all a part of an interview I did with Fabulous Kallie Ross of Bookshelf Banter, and you can catch up by visiting my YouTube page via the button at the top of the sidebar. ------>

These last 2 vids were tons of FUN! We brought in special guest Gaby Robbins who is a reader/blogger/writer who will play for the side of the "reader" while I play the side of the "author" in our own twist of the "Newlywed game", but of course it's all about Silent Orchids! 

Official RELEASE DAY IS MAY 7TH!!! Blog Tour starts tomorrow and I'll post details along with info on the new contest Monday am. EEEK! I'm so excited :)

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