Thursday, October 3, 2013


First, thank you all for such a fabulous release day on the 1st for Veiled Shadows!! I am extremely grateful for all the love shown to me and this little world I spend a LOT of my time in called Alandria :)

Next, I was recently featured on a couple different fabulous sites and there are some great GIVEAWAYS that I want to make sure you are aware of... because I'm nice like that ;) 

Swing on by and check out:

1.) The OctoberShowcase Talent Feature  (& Massive Giveaway!)

To quote Boyce:
“I'm doing this October Showcase to feature the talented authors who deliver exceptional stories. I wanted to find the best of the best and tell everyone I know about them. So naturally, I thought of you. This showcase features authors like you, who have exceptional skill and professionalism, all while highlighting your most popular work.”
This event is so much fun. About 20 authors are featured, and each one has a different giveaway of awesome prizes on their day. Some are giving away signed paperbacks, while others are giving away entire series of eBooks and more.
You should go take a look. Best of luck when you enter! There’s a lot of talent in this showcase. All of the giveaways are open for about a week after they start.

2.) Fall Into UtopYA put on by My Bookopolis:

Throughout the month of October, each day will feature a different author on several different participating blogs. There will be a rafflecopter for each week filled with GIVEAWAYS for each of the authors for that week.

Happy Thursday!!

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  1. I don't think I've read a Morgan Wylie book before, but I'm looking forward to reading one now. Thanks for the great opportunity to win.