Saturday, December 21, 2013

#LoveWriteCreate Episode 3: A Banana and Avocado Mashup

In this installment of #LoveWriteCreate on Air, we talk about our epic #NaNo fail, #pitchwars, character bio's, writing exercises, "What's in your notebook?", and the night would not be complete without a banana/avocado mashup silliness (you don't want to miss this ;) hehe.

In each episode, we include a challenge to ourselves, but also to you if you want to join in! This week, our challenge is a writing exercise that we have posted on the LoveWriteCreate blog here at (you can also check out previous vids there as well). This exercise is to encourage creativity with your characters. I'm excited to get started on mine!

I know this is kind of long, but it's definitely entertaining. We are just 3 writers in various places in our journeys of writing and publication chatting about it ALL (mostly writing and books, but you get to know us a little bit too--perhaps more than you wanted to know, lol ;)

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