Monday, April 14, 2014

Cover Reveal! River's Remorse by Charlotte Abel

I'm so excited to reveal the cover for River's Remorse, Book 2 of The Sanctuary Series by Charlotte Abel. I'm still hopeful to have a release date for you by May 1st. But, for now, here is the cover. We hope you like it!

If you have read River's Recruit and have been (im)patiently waiting for the sequel, here is a little teaser...

Jonathan closed Ephraimís journal then put it in the fireproof safe in the basement. He rubbed his eyes. He had no trouble seeing the tiny words, thanks to his enhanced vision, but it didnít help him decipher Ephraim's nearly illegible handwriting. It was pretty to look at but a bitch to read.
Thanks to Dadís genealogy addiction, he was used to reading that type of stylized writing. Heíd already studied the book with a magnifying glass, and was able to tell Jonathan what he needed to know. He knew not to eat or drink anything in wolf formóunless he wanted to be a wolf for the rest of his life. He also knew he needed to be careful about how much time he spent as a wolf and that he needed to stay in charge. Heíd figured that part out on his own the night he merged.
There was a lot of stuff about shifter history and lore, but that could wait. It was fascinating, but Jonathan needed to focus on the things that would keep him alive and human.
He hadnít shifted again since merging, and didnít want to, but apparently he didnít have a choice when the moon was full.
He locked the basement door, double checked the plywood sheets he'd nailed over the windows then stripped and removed his prothesis. He wrapped a towel around his waist then FaceTimed Dad. ìOkay, Iím ready.î

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