Thursday, June 5, 2014

Unofficial #UtopYA Giveaway!!

It is only 15 DAYS until UtopYA Con and I will be there!! Actually, I am honored to have been invited to speak on one of the many panels. This year the theme of the conference is "Take Me To Your Reader" alien style!! If you haven't gotten your tickets, there is STILL TIME!!

Get them HERE

I went on a cross-country road trip not long ago that was a precursor to my family and myself moving from TN back to our home city in WA, but that is a post for anther time. ANYWAY, I got to stop at Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming (think of the 70's movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind... Mmm mashed potatoes anyone? #seethemovie) and it was AWESOME!!

SO... of course, I thought of the conference and everyone that would be there while I was staring at an ultimate "alien icon" in our country. My first thought?... Yeah, we need a CONTEST!! Here's the vid I took at the base of the tower in case you missed it. Keep in mind I was driving in a moving truck all day and didn't do any editing lol ;)

This contest is for those attending the conference (sorry everyone else, but I'll have more contests coming soon) as you must be present to claim your prize.

*This contest is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by UtopYA or Facebook.

It's FUN! It's SILLY! It's ALIEN!!

Friendly Alien, "Alien Poop" chocolate covered coffee beans, Alien pen, sticker, magnet, postcard, PLUS signed paperbacks of Silent Orchids & Veiled Shadows~books 1&2 in my YA fantasy series: The Age of Alandria (not shown).

 "Alien Poop" LOL                                                                 My lil UtopYA friend

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  1. I love Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

  2. Awesome contest Morgan! Can't wait to meet you!