Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cover Reveal! The Spiral Ascended by Erin Danzer

Title: The Spiral Ascended (Spiral Defenders Series: Book Four)
Author: Erin Danzer
Genre: Young Adult Scifi/Romance
Publication Date: September 12, 2014

Everything seems perfect now that Ronnie is married. She can be crowned and finally defeat the evil that infests the Spiral.

Until Rick and the Irradians seize the castle.

Now, Ronnie and Gavin are in hiding. They must amass an army from those still loyal to them and protect their friends and family—all without leaving their refuge. When Ronnie ventures out, Gavin is captured. Their bond is severed. All Ronnie knows is that Gavin is still in her heart.

Until that breaks, too.

Ronnie must find the strength to ascend to her destiny and defeat Rick or risk losing everything forever.


“We need to leave, Princess. Now,” Gavin growled at her, turning to kill a gremlin that thought it would sneak up on them.
“But my mom and dad! Andi and Shawn! I need to help them!” she screamed. She turned to jump into the fray to find them… only to have Gavin grab her again and pull her back against him. Three gremlins scurried towards them. Ronnie slashed out with her sword automatically, her eyes on the vile creatures but her mind racing with thoughts of what could happen to her parents and friends. Where were they?
Her heart pounded in her chest like a caged animal eager to be released. Her hands began to shake and she grasped her sword with both of them to steady her aim as another group of gremlins came towards her and Gavin. She met them head on, taking them out easily. She felt Gavin’s pride at her swiftness and gave a small smile. Her eyes turned back to the melee on the floor. Where were her parents? She thought she saw a glimpse of blonde curls and screamed for Andi. Again, Gavin grabbed her and stopped her when she tried to run after her friends. She turned on him with malice in her eyes.
“We need to get out of here. They’re protected,” Gavin declared, his grip tight on her left arm. “If you don’t come with me right now, I will throw you over my shoulder and drag you out of here. My number one priority is your safety.”
“My number one priority is theirs!” she screamed.
Her eyes scanned the crowd again and widened when she saw Rick enter the room. Before anyone else could get to him, Cenric was suddenly there swinging a sword at his brother. Rick parried with his own, the blade swathed in wraiths. She watched their deadly battle, everything around her falling away. In her mind, all she saw was Dirac falling at Rick’s hand. She couldn’t let that happen to Cenric, too. She shook off Gavin and took three steps before he grabbed her again, just getting her before she jumped off the dais. She glared at him as she spun towards him.
“I can’t lose him!” she pleaded, tears suddenly in her eyes.
“He can take care of himself,” Gavin pointed out. Still holding onto her, he opened a portal and pushed her through it, closing it as he followed.

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