Saturday, August 16, 2014

Newsletters, Beginnings, and Plots Oh My!

So I am totally behind on sharing the Youtube videos that we have done at #LoveWriteCreate so I thought I'd share a few of the most recent and you can watch 'em all or pick if something sounds interesting to you (but I know you want to watch them all because you might miss out on our random entertainment ;)

First up! We invited author S.M. Boyce to share with us her knowledge of Newsletters. Check her out!

Next up! We at #LoveWriteCreate shared with you how we each began the writing process in the hopes that it might inspire you to either finally start writing that idea that you've kept in your head for so long or just to know that you might not be alone in how you began. All of our processes are different.

Most Recently! We chatted about PLOTTING!! Now, I am not known for my plotting. In fact, I am usually a "pantser" but could I have changed my tune?? Check out our thoughts and tips on plotting. Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas with us too here on my site or go to the LWC site:

To see more of our crazy chats and hopefully helpful tips and thoughts please check out our YouTube site to see all the vids! 


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