Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Create in Jan 2015! #LoveWriteCreate

The girls (Kallie Ross and Gaby Robbins) and I over at #LoveWriteCreate are doing something different with the blog in 2015.

What's that? You might ask. Well, I'll tell you!

Each month, each of us will be assigned a word (either "Love", "Write", or "Create") and each week our posts will have something to do with our individual word. It will be posted on the LWC blog and on our own. The next month, we'll switch it up a bit. Part of the reasoning behind this is because we love these words! Another part, is to help inspire us to blog more and perhaps blog with more focus.

So my word for January is Create! This is one of my life words. By that, I mean it's one of my mantras.

So let's define it  (taken from Dictionary.com)...



verb (used with object)created, creating.
to cause to come into being, as something unique that would notnaturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.
to evolve from one's own thought or imagination, as a work of art oran invention.
Theater. to perform (a role) for the first time or in the first productionof a play.
to make by investing with new rank or by designating; constitute;appoint:
to be the cause or occasion of; give rise to:
to cause to happen; bring about; arrange, as by intention or design:

So I want to look a little closer at #6. "To cause to happen; bring about; arrange, as by intention or design."

To start this year off right, I challenged myself in several ways, but one specifically was to get my office in order. I had been sharing a room with my 5yo, it was our "creative room". (we had recently moved and were still settling what goes where) Anyway, I loved that we had this space, but it was cramped and let's be honest, 5yo's aren't that tidy. So needless to say, there was craft stuff and her papers and what not EVERYWHERE. While I had my own desk, it was not the most conducive to creativity for writing.

Last week, all this changed. We decided to give her an additional spare room (originally dubbed the "junk room" or storage for random stuff-we-don't-know-where-to-put) for her crafts and playroom. Thus giving me my own space to Create my office. And that is what I did... Create. I needed to be intentional about it. I arranged and I brought about a space that was my own.

It is by no means finished, but it is well on it's way. It's at least tidy and functional and even a bit inspirational ;) OH! And I got a couple bookshelves and FINALLY put my books where they belong. You guys! most of my books have been in storage for the last 6 years due to a slightly nomadic lifestyle that I can tell you about, but that's for another post. It was like Christmas... after Christmas, getting to open and pull out all those BOOKS!! I still need probably one more shelf to feel comfortable. One shelf is very squished, lol. But they can breathe and so can I (dramatic? Me? Nah.)

All this to say, it is important to create a space in which to be creative in. When you are surrounded by clutter (even organized clutter, right? I know you think you know where everything is but it still adds an element of chaos into our brains. I've been there and still am to a degree. You may disagree and that's ok :)... Where was I? Oh yeah, when you are surrounded by clutter, it can cloud the skies of our imagination and be cause for some misdirected muses who are trying to bring clarity to our work. Let the sunshine through!!

Ok, here's a couple pics. I'm still needing some personal touches and more organization but it's a revolving door to creativity and inspiration that can change at any time :)

So go forth this week and CREATE something... anything! Get the inspiration flowing.

Happy 2015!

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