Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Join #LoveWriteCreate as we chat about Time and Writing! #JazzHands

Join #LoveWriteCreate for our latest video chat! You can see me in spastic mode as I try to hold onto my concentration as my little person keeps interrupting ;)  #JazzHands

Let's get real, TIME Suck(s)! Whether it's a busy day and there's absolutely no time for writing, or you can fit in an hour or two but only write 500 words, TIME has a way of sucking! Kallie Ross, Morgan Wylie, and Gaby Robbins discuss how we're fighting time each day. With time management, planning, preparing and ploughing through you can get a lot more done than you ever imagined. TIME could be on your side!

Here are a few links to the places we mention in the hangout...
Passion Planner

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