Friday, June 28, 2013


I'm so EXCITED!! It's finally time for UtopYA con 2013!!!
So a group of us got together to offer you a BIG BIG SALE!!

Each title is offering an ebook for 99CENTS

Here is a list of all of the books included with their links!!!

Elizabeth Kirke - Snow Bound
Jamie Magee- See
Bethany Lopez - Nissa
Rebecca Ethington - Kiss of Fire
Michele G Miller - Never Let You Fall
Heather Sutherlin - Seen, A Light in the Darkness
Amy Miles - Forbidden
Brina Courtney - Their Promise
Ashley Lavering - Star Cursed
Morgan Wylie - Silent Orchids
MR Polish - Wolf Spell, Ageless Sea
Adam Kunz - One Tiny Secret
Mercy Amare- You Got MeJaded & Don't Tell
Amy Evans - Clicks
Cameo Renae - In My Dreams
CL Foster - Bluffing the Devil
Tammy Blackwell - Destiny Binds
Laura Howard - The Forgotten Ones
Sarah Dosher - Haven From The Storm
Inger Iversen - Few Are Angels
Danielle Bannister - Pulled
Elizabeth Sharp - Natural Selection
Felicia Tatum - The White Aura
Misty Provencher - Cornerstone
Wendy Owens - Stubborn Love

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