Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where's Rory?

Heather Sutherlin is looking for her character Rory. You see, she's missing. The silly girl jumped through a portal and disappeared.  We don't know if she's in another world or just in another place in this world. Help Heather track her down before the release of Wandering (Book 2 in The Wanderer series).

One thing is for sure, Rory is NOT in mountains of Glacier National Park in Montana or in the realm of Alandria! Because Kaeleigh, Chel, Finn, and Daegan would have sensed, if not seen, her on their path to enter the magical gateway between the mortal realm and that of Alandria filled with Elves, Faeries, Shifters, and the evil Droch-Shúil. With keen hearing and Daegan's empathic senses Rory would have been noticed. Not to mention, IF she made into Alandria--and that's a big IF unless she has blood of any of the beings residing in Alandria--she would have been revealed to the land itself at the Bridge of Revealment.

Visit to see where else Rory is NOT to try and narrow down where she might be! ALSO enter to win a GIVEAWAY of great books!

Book One in The Wanderer series:

Rory has no idea what’s going on in the woods behind her house, but it’s driving her crazy. On the last day of her senior year she finds herself caught up once again in the curious happenings of the forest and walks away without any of the answers she was hoping to find. To make matters worse, she is sent to visit a sick neighbor and instead finds the hottest guy she’s ever seen. When she discovers his brother’s incredible secret she falls further into her own chaos and into a fate she never could have imagined.
Jaron is just counting the days until the summer is over and he can get back to his real life. Stuck with his little brother on a tiny farm in rural Oklahoma is not exactly his idea of fun. But when Rory shows up on his doorstep with an armload of pie, he knows his summer has just taken a sharp turn into new territory. He never expected the adventure they would discover next or the quest that would change their lives forever.

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The adventure continues this summer in
Available June 25th

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