Saturday, June 1, 2013

June+Summer+Award Nominations = Giveaway!!

It's June... let's celebrate SUMMER!

Silent Orchids has been out almost 1 MONTH... let's CELEBRATE!

AND it has been nominated for not only ONE AWARD but TWO AWARDS at the upcoming conference for YA/NA women writers called UtopYAcon!! (which I have been invited to also be a panelist--YAY!)... LET'S CELEBRATE!!

Since Silent Orchids is nominated for BEST DEBUT NOVEL OF THE YEAR  I want to CELEBRATE by putting it on sale for 99 CENTS for the first week of June to give those who are interested in voting (and everyone else-hehe) a chance to read it at a discount. :) 

~I want to interject here that I am so humbled and honored to have been nominated and especially with the fantastic authors that I am on the list with and categorized with. They are all fabulous and I am so grateful~
I am listed:
#7 Best Book Trailer of the Year
#14 Best Debut Novel of the Year

The voting is open to the public and runs through Sunday, June 9th at 11:59pm. (this has nothing to do with the contest I am about to mention FYI)  Here's the link:


Here's how this will work:

I want to celebrate Silent Orchids' being almost 1 month old and all of you who LOVE books and help to share the love by leaving reviews. SO, this giveaway is all about the REVIEW (even if it's only a couple of sentences).

This giveaway will run the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE (so if you haven't had time to read Silent Orchids yet, you have time :) If you have already posted a review it will be automatically entered.

To be entered in the contest:
  • You need to leave a valid review (again it doesn't have to be long, and be honest-- I want to know what you really think) on a purchase site such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Now, I appreciate reviews on Goodreads as well, but to be entered the review cannot be left solely on Goodreads but must also be left on a purchase site (can be the exact same review).
  • Then copy the URL link of the review and fill out the simple form (so I know you entered) HERE or on the TAB up above called "Giveaways". There will also be a link on a pinned post on my FB page (FB is not affiliated with this giveaway in any way) MorganWylieBooks
  • For an extra entry you can leave a review on ALL 3 (Amazon, BN, & Goodreads)
That's it! Giveaway winner will be chosen at random July 1st.


If the winner is a US resident, they will win a prize pack including a signed ppbk of Silent Orchids (my YA Urban Fantasy), a $10 Amazon or BN gift card, and some surprise exclusive swag!! If the winner is int'l, they will receive a $25 gift card to Amazon or BN!!

BUY LINKS: 99 cents June 1-8

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